Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing is the allowance of my natural abilities to follow and trust my intuition of what may be the energetic source of any dis-ease. Using the Access Consciousness verbal tools allows for the the fastest and most efficient way to transform a heavy and dense energy into something lighter and much more expansive. It is fun, unpredictable, and always a contribution to the planet.

Access Consciousness

Everything in Access Consciousness is about empowering you with the awareness of the fact that you can perceive, know, be and receive everything infinitely. It’s about empowering you at all times to know that you know. As each one of us steps into our greatness, the possibility that gets created for all of us is infinitely greater. Access Consciousness offers pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you have never been able to, these tools include Body Process and The Bars.

Massage Therapy

Massage as a holistic health treatment can be done for you under regular basis, or as needed. I can assist you in a full recovery program of certain injuries or ailments.


The Body Process is a hands-on energetic technique used to aid the body in releasing trauma from the cellular memory on a molecular level to create a change in the energy from which the body functions from. This way, the body begins to be freed of the energetic patterning it is subject to and begins to create a new possibility for your body you may have never considered possible.


There are 32 points on the head that when gently compressed in sequence it begins a process of energetic cleansing. These points release thousands of limitations at a time that are not allowing you to function as the magical and potent being you truly be. The Bars is a tool to aid you in paving the way for creating a new you, releasing old patterning, and receiving total relaxation.


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